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Times running away it seems to me… yet I know my plans are in God’s hands. Has it ever occurred to you why so many amazing thoughts for future plans seem to bombard your daily thoughts – yet you feel they will never be accomplished? That has been me lately. Maybe thought, “Jack of all trades, but master of none”… ??? Yup! That has definitely crossed my mind in the past couple of years. Yet when contemplating what I am good at today reminds me of how I was when I began to figure it out. Not all “greatness” today begins great. It begins dirty, grimy; your thoughts may even grimace at the hard work it took before feeling a seamless flow of certainty in your actions today, doing what you may love. Sooooo today I’m here to remind you – let the thoughts keep coming. Soon enough your hands will no longer feel the callused effects of work but the stubble of a job well done.

By standing firm, you will gain life

Luke 21:19

Be HAPPY with your today and not allow the frustrations of what you are not yet to overcome you. Keep aiming high and aiming big. After all we must live with no regrets. Stand Firm in what you feel is right. Let the winds of time become a sonnet to your today – and if your today is your beginning steps for tomorrow, enjoy the embers of the setting sun. There will be a day where the solace of your work will roar and make the tallest of peaks crumble. Be present today and breath…

Rise and rise again until lambs become lions!

– Robin Hood

Till Next Post…