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Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 12.56.13 AMThis week I had the privilege of going out with a great childhood friend to an awesome new establishment in Chicago, EATALY! OH MY GOD! It was amazing.   Below are a few pics on what our experience was.  Let me tell you, if your new to Chicago, a tourist to see the sites or have been here all of your life – YOU HAVE GOT TO COME AND CHECK THIS PLACE OUT!  Mario Batali has outdone himself with this fine new establishment in my hometown…. CHICAGO!


Upon walking in, we were received with a fresh fruit and vegetable market.




This felt like Disney Land for food connoisseurs! I’m such a foodie, I jumped for joy when I walked in.


If you are a life-life long learner like my friend Amy and I, this is your spot. Wherever we went, there was a brief description and history on what you are looking at. Perfect place for Italians and non-Italians (Like Amy and I) alike!


WHO DOESN’T LOVE CHEESE!!!!! They spread fresh mozzarella daily. Best place for the freshest stuff…


Italy meets urban chic! Pure beauty!


Rows of fresh spices and an assortment of sauces. I can only imagine how fun it was to create so many. YUM!!! YUM!!! YUM!!!



“The Eataly Bakery”… soooo yummy! They had their own brick oven. You can see a bit of it here in this picture.



YUP! They have their own brewery!!!! Setting the stage for the perfect all in one spot for all that is Italian and GOOD!

IMG_0032Of course …. this place has everything, here is a bit of what deliciousness was consumed for our little inner city visit… Out of the fifteen different indoor spots to eat a main course (Piatti) or just snack some desserts, bread and coffee, we choose the La Carne Restaurant (Literal Translation is the “Meat Restaurant”).


Our antipasti (Appetizer): *Spiendini* Grilled strip steak skewer with grilled radicchio & balsamico…. Heavenly!!!!


(Plated Main Dish) Piatti: Pollo alla Piastra. Seared chicken thighs with sun-dried tomato bread salad of kohlrabi, peppers, green onion and tomato vinaigrette.


Our side dish to go with our piatti was soooo amazing. Brings a whole new meaning to some good old Brussels Sprouts.
Contorni: Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta

Eataly is such a wonderful place… AND SO BIG! We had to go up and down escalators just to check it all out.  Honestly, we need to go back and keep checking this spot out.


Thankfully, upon entering there is an information desk that have complementary maps to give to all those who enter…. Once again, Disneyland for Food Connoisseurs! :0)


My cute friend Amy! She was the best to take out and check this new place out. She’s an amazing “on the dime” fashionista with an awesome blog on looking great while spending way way less. Check her blog out here…. You won’t regret it!


hahahaha A little too cheesy! hahaha


YES!!! Even cute bathroom signs. Adorable!!!!!!!!! Love the girl’s waist line. :0)

As you can imagine, the sweets were just EVERYWHERE!!!!



Our dessert pics: Nutella Crepe, Tiramisu and a salted nutty Tiramisu…. Amy & I were in heavenly places here! Whew!!!! Soooo Yum!


Of course sweets always go best with a nice cup of coffee… here was an amazing Cafe Latte Macchiato. Ohhhhh just HIT the spot. Great way to end the evening.


Amy & I… been friends since we were in our single digits. Love her to pieces… as she says, “To the moon and back!”

IMG_8968Can’t wait to go back to EATALY to continue exploring.

Till Next Post….