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My Yadahris 1st professional pictures….

My babies are growing up! I know any mommy out there can agree with me how time flies when you’re having fun with your babies.  Before you know it, they are growing up faster than the blooming flowers of spring.

Today, I dedicate this blog to my eldest, Yadahris.  By her birth, the impact of what true love erupted from my loins and I was given a tsunami lesson of what it was to love unconditionally.  I love you my princess.  You are my eldest joy, blessing and amazing friend.  You are amazing and I know that what God has for you is incredible, indescribable and full of purpose.  Love you more than what love means until eternity has a deadline.  Mommy…

1st Birthday… All my girls have worn Red on their first birthdays {Including my own 1st birthday and both of their aunts on my husband’s side. It’s become a family tradition… Love her face!}

Day of her presentation to the Lord… God will always protect and guide you my baby girl!

1st time Yadahris sang on stage. It was for a women’s event. She knew what to do before getting up there. Beautiful Girl!

1st Tooth pulling… She is and will always be Daddy’s little girl. XOXOXO

How my baby has grown up… {Yes, you know I’m tearing up just writing this blog. Father help me….}

This past weekend, my hubby and I took a family trip to KeyLime Cove to celebrate my babies birthday… Honestly, we ALL had a blast.

Happy Birthday My Yadahris. Daddy and Mommy and the rest of the Rosario Tribe just LOVE YOU TO PIECES.

KeyLime Cove… sooo much fun!

A peek of the water park inside…

My Doxy helping with gifts. She is still learning how not all birthdays are hers. Big sis is amazing… she was in the best of attitudes and was willing to share gift time.

Birthday Singing Time….

We gave Yadahris her first diary. My first diary is the red one… we saw it only fit to have her first diary be “Hello Kitty” as well. She loved it.

Daddy really enjoys his hard candies… Loved how creative he was with this gift. It’s a hard candy wrapper purse for one of the sweeties of his life.

My princess, Yadahris Grace Rosario, is now 8 years-old. My my… how the years fly by. Happy Birthday Princess!!!!

Till Next Post….