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My Birthday Princess! How I love her!!!!!
{Marvellis Fe Rosario}

Yes! Long over due! Here are some pics of the youngest member of the Rosario Tribe’s 1st birthday, Marvellis Fe Rosario… {May 19th, 2012}


My Marvellis & I : Loving our Bows! From Purity in Pearls Halo Collection

Love the Tutu Puff!

Cute Minnie Mouse Cake… So yummy… soooo good!

Colors, shapes and designs for Minnie Mouse Birthday Decor

Inexpensive Favor Bags for the fabulous Minnie Mouse Entourage…
Minnie Mouse Bows for the Girls & Non-Bows for the boys… Just the Mickey Mouse Ears. Loved this!

Some Ceiling Decor

Custom Minnie Mouse High Tops
{High-Tops are Great for beginner walkers}

Custom Marvellis Fe 1st Birthday Matching Onsie for the super cute Tutu.
{Purchased @Etsy.com}
{Yes! I was super Cheesy about this one!}

My little Minnie Marvellis :}

Thanks for viewing…. if you have any further ideas for birthdays I would LOVE to hear from you.  Remember, my tribe is growing and we are up to 6 birthdays a year.  LOL…. nothing is too small to make life long memories.

I want to say a big “THANK YOU” to one of the wonderful party planners that I know…. she is amazing and ALWAYS is on it when it comes to party planning time-tables, Yelitza! Your amazing girl and thanks for everything! If you want to check more of her work, click here.

Till next Time…

– Cynthia