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My daughter, Yadahris, & niece, Amara… on the beach in Puerto Rico
Memories caught on tape…


Walking down memory lane, being nostalgic with smells that create a portal of time… the phrase rises, “I remember when….”.  My mouth empties into words as my thoughts submerge me into a slew of memories.  “I remember when going out to play was a carefree moment.  When my brother’s and I would spend nights talking, laughing and bugging each other as we all slept in the same room.  Or when, in the depth of the darkness, one would call out the other’s name… just to make sure we were not alone”. 

Has this ever happened to you?  An “I remember when…” moment?  I’m sure it has to all of you out there.  Just reading this blog, your mind is probably already racing down childhood moments.  Countless times we wish to return to those moments.  Yet, do you really? How much have you learned and gained throughout the time in between? In my personal experience through these moments, I cherish them but can not negate how happy I am with my babies, how happy I am to have met my love and how happy I am to not go through so many years of school again.  (HA!)

No! I do not live in Utopia.  I am not a person to look away from pain.  I’m a realist in many forms.  But I’ve chosen to live an optimistic way of life.  I’m actually living one day at a time… and enjoying every second of it.

The other day on Facebook I wrote, “The story of our life involves living it one day at a time. How will your story today be read tomorrow?”  Our memories are but moments of a life lived a long time ago. One of the greatest gifts of God is to allow us to live every day, in our own pace to truly enjoy Him and all His blessings in between each moment.

Today I urge you to seize your day and enjoy the moments.  I urge you to build your legacy a day at a time so those you love can reap of it tomorrow.  I urge you to look past the pain and seek His face for true healing, restoration and love to wrap around your heart.

 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”Jeremiah 29:11
Till the next time
– Cynthia