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Mother’s Day was so lovely and wonderful.  Here are some pics to enjoy…. 

Mother’s Day Gift to all our lovely mommies at Maranatha The House of God Church…

Our team worked for two days making these great gifts. It was so wonderful to hand out cupcakes to our “mommies”… the smiles were priceless. 🙂

The Genesis Children’s Ministry made some amazing Mother’s Day Love Coupons for all “us” mommies. Too Cute… and sooo sooo Chic!

I saw this online.. and it is so true! I have to say, I don’t know how my own mommy did it while we were growing up. She worked full-time and my father worked the night shifts. She would have dinner ready and our daily food intake done before she left every morning for work. SUPERMOMMY IS RIGHT!

My SUPERMOMMY & her apprentice {that’s ME! hehehe}

My tribe and I on Mother’s Day… OMG! I love them so so so so much! I have a feeling God thinks of me as extra special. Why? Because He blessed me with four little people who are just wonderful. They are my joy, my blessings, and truly why I push forward every day. The early morning mommy calls and the late night smuggles make it all worth it. Thank you Father for your four generous blessings upon my life.

My father always told me, the parent is not one who conceives a child but who raises a child. To all you mother’s out there that have taken the role of a parent, has raised children of their own and like their own, to all those mother’s who tirelessly pushed forward to only give the best of all love and tenderness to those wonderful babies…. Happy Wonderful Mother’s Day!

– Cynthia