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Once a month my love and I go on a special date… no kids, no phones {the occasional look to make sure we didn’t receive a text from the sitter} and definitely no business.  We look forward to this all month-long.

Here are few pics from one of the date nights we actually took pictures of….


The waiter’s thought it was our anniversary because of the great time we were having… WE ARE SOOOO IN LOVE!

Don’t you just love this action shot?… we were driving down some crazy terrain… LOL {GameWorks is always a fun place to go on any date}
Nisaac and I always have fun together… Other than GOD, what keeps us going is that we laugh with each other {and some times at each other hehehe} every day. Marriage does not equal BORING… It’s getting to be with your best friend for the rest of your life. I LOVE IT!

He still takes my breath away… *sigh*

I urge you today, make time for your spouse.  Even if once a month, go for a walk together.  Enjoy each other to the fullest.  He/She is there for a reason in your life.  Allow yourself to fall in love all over again.  I guarantee a wonderful time.

Hope you enjoyed the date 🙂

– Cynthia