Hello Everyone! Check out our children’s ministry new series on “I Love My Bible” that starts tomorrow!!!!!!! Read below….

Service starts at 10:00am
@ Maranatha The House of God
4301 W. Diversey
Chicago, IL 60639



We are thrilled to present to your kids starting this weekend, April 15th, our all new series called I LOVE MY BIBLE. Our goal with this series is simple- to compel kids to love the Bible.

Sounds easy enough, right?
But to be honest, I don’t know that I could say I loved my bible growing up.
Sure I was familiar with a few good stories, and memorized verses. The truth is, I had no real affection for the bible itself. I didn’t know of it’s significance to me personally. I had no understanding of its power.

This is why we are spending the next 7 weeks, talking to your kids about the bible in a way that we hope will build their faith for what it can do for them personally.

I encourage you to bring your kids every sunday, and continue to check out our website, for…

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