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“I’ve been jabbed, poked, prodded, bruised… I’m just trying to do things right, yet, they seem to still be wrong.  Can I be loved again?” Her razor continues to stroke her wrist as her heart silently cries out through her dripping nail beds. Thoughts of her abuse, thoughts of her struggle continue to squeeze the hold around her heart.  In the disarray of her hopelessness, she faintly looks onto an old picture she drew as a child.  It was scribbled all over and her coloring quality was definitely not Picasso.  Then it happens, that moment when it was all better, that one memory when she had no pain or struggle to think about…. that moment when she was less than perfect but was perfectly loved…

This week has definitely been a week of reflection for me.  I was reminded all too well how life can throw so many blows and cloud our view of what truly is important in life.  Although my creative writing above was fiction to me, it is a far cry for someone else reality.  As a parent, my children come home all the time with different pieces of their art.  They constantly color outside of the lines.  What do they see when they are creating? I’m sure they envision a masterpiece unraveled before their eyes.  By the time that paper comes to me, it’s wrinkly, at times there are small holes, the color schematics can be brown and more brown (LOL) YET!!!! Its my job to see their heart behind all they do.  As a parent, like most of you, we hang that baby right on our fridge to show the world {Or the part of the world that enters our home :0)} to see this beautiful work of perfection.  In like matter, we, at times, get wrinkly, hurt, and far less than perfect when we go to God with all that we do.  We shy away to the point we don’t even want to be seen.  Regardless of what we see, we are giving of ourselves completely to the Father.  He see’s our heart in all that we do.  As a proud parent, He puts our work on the fridge to show the world how proud He is of us.

I encourage and challenge you this week to change your perception of how you see yourself to the way God see’s you.  It’s only a matter of time before you realize how proud He is to be your Father.

#CreatingChange #MakingADifference

– Cynthia