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I’m sure anyone with children, or anyone surrounded by these precious blessings, from time to time can contest that there are some hilarious moments…. Well, the Rosario Tribe is definitely not exempt from all this. Here are some blooper reels caught on tape.  Enjoy!

(Above: From left to right)

(Left): Yadahris & Nabiel trying to go skiing in the Alps via the backyard.

(Middle): Marvellis magically appeared on top of the Huggies pamper box when I walked into the kitchen.  Yup! Fear CANNOT describe the feeling of seeing this.

(Right): Nabiel & Doxy serving Daddy a Cereal Buffet.

(Left) Coming home from work and everyone left camping…. AND HERE IS THEIR TENT!

(Middle) Nabiel … I can’t say no more… priceless!

(Right) Doxy was thirsty in the middle of the night.  This is what I’m talking about, pure independence… LOL! The word says it, “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it” Prov. 22:6 hehe

(Left) For those of you that know my Doxy, this picture is not normal… she is definitely my adventurous one.  🙂 GOT TO LOVE THIS ONE!

(Middle) Ummm yeah! Yadahris did this pic all by herself.  Had to mention it!

(Right) WOW! Marvellis already climbing up the stairs at 9 months.  It has begun!

Hope you Enjoyed!

– Cynthia