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{1 Cor. 13:1 “…my speech is no more than a noisy gong or a clanging bell…”] “Bang! Clang! Bing! Bong! Chong!” Nooooooo, I’m not speaking another language nor describing an episode of Batman (haha), I’m describing what this blog would speak about if God’s love was not the foundation of it. You see, our work is not for man but for God. I’m sure anyone in ministry has had that one moment where you could have sworn what you did was for God – but what happened? You did not see the results that were expected of you and you felt horrible. You got offended by the outcome of your gifting or you were bothered because no one praised you in the end of a sermonette, worship service, etc. Yes! That has happened to all of us. Their is NO ONE exempt of this, only Jesus Christ himself. [Please let’s keep this blog real]. The interesting factor is at that precise moment, you forgot about the love behind the work and focused strait to yourself. In that moment, you felt hurt – their was some type of bothersome reaction that infiltrated your emotions – but where was the love, the passion, the desire to do God’s work? Was it still there?

The Apostle Paul in the verses above clearly shows the importance of love and how impacting Love truly is. When we love behind our service to God’s kingdom, those moments of insecurity cease! This is amazing and true freedom in God lies therein. So the next time those nasty thoughts come in… remember this, “Where’s your love note?” Where’s the love note given to God from your act of surrender in service for Him and only HIM? Your love note reminds Him how much He is appreciated and desired. God signed His ultimate love note in blood when giving up His only son so that we can have everlasting life [John 3:16]. He created the red lettered gospel all because of L O V E. Love is a powerful feeling that can push the toughest of men to do the craziest of things. God was love struck by US to the point of giving us everything.

Whats your love note?

– Cynthia