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Mi Amor with Nabiel & Yadahris

Just a few Daddy-n-tribe quality time pics.  I love how my hubbs spends time with our small tribe.  It’s hilarious and always puts a smile on our faces.

Our house can be a circus of laughter at times…

Papa playing with Nabiel ...

Ito playing with my Nabiel...

… Real men play with their kids, it doesn’t make them any less.  I love the examples that have surrounded my husband and I since young.  What’s wonderful about our examples is they are both Holy men of God and yet still found time to be free with their kids.   (LOVE IT!)

A Father's Day card my brothers and I gave our daddy in 1986. Note my penmanship! Hilarious!

Quality time is always the best time to spend with your babies, big or small.  Just remember, those are the moments your tribe will cherish the most.  It doesn’t have to be expensive… quality time is just the good times spent with the fam.  These moments will create well-rounded foundations for your tribe’s decisions in the future.  Laughter and joy is God-given, distress and bitterness are not.  Let God bring back that joy in your life so you can have that time with your tribe once again.

(Food for thought)