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Green Eggs and Ham with Seasoned French Fries

All week-long, my daughter’s school worked around the Dr. Seuss concept due to his 108th birthday.  In light of the celebrations my tribe and I created a wonderful breakfast for dinner menu, “Green Eggs and Ham!” Yes!!! We did it! [I don’t know who was more excited … ]

They wanted to please their papi too so we added home-made seasoned French Fries to the mix…

Here’s some tips on how to get the green in your menu:

Staining the Ham

  • Grab a bowl of water; add about 5 drops of green food dye and 3 drops of blue food dye.
  • Place the thick slices of ham inside for about 15 minutes.  Both colors create a deeper green essence in the ham.  If you want the ham to have a richer green color, keep it inside the bowl longer.
  • Once you see the ham has the color you want, heat on a skillet.

Staining your Over-Medium Eggs

I tried different ideas from the web and figured to just go with my instinct on this one.  [Before I tried my “own” version, 4 other eggs were killed in the process. :/]

  • On a hot small skillet, place ½ tspn butter.
  • Once the butter melts, add 2 drops of green food dye and quickly mix.
  • Crack egg onto hot dyed butter and fry.  Flip the egg and voilà! You have a green egg!

My kids had a blast making this.  We nestled our egg over a small bagel with bacon and added our seasoned french fries on the side.  .  This became a huge hit since our green eggs ended up looking like turtles.