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Born and raised in the church… that I was.  Yet, it doesn’t suddenly provoke immunity to all things bad in the world so all my prayers can be answered.  Growing up “church” was on automatic mode in my brain… it just was.  One thing I always knew worked was prayer, everything else I could have been viewed as a robot.

What does “auto” mode entail: Hmmmm… Doing the talk and walking the walk but not having a spec of understanding of what you truly believe in.  You’re just there doing something without wanting to dig deeper.

You know you are out there, the person who doesn’t know the definitions of things in church but just goes with the flow [been there… and I think I’m still there sometimes. LOL! Seriously, let’s keep this real. 🙂 We are ALL learning and church ministers don’t have all the answers). For instance, the word: AMEN!  Really, like what is this for?… again, auto mode.  Is it just what you say at the end of a prayer or when the speaker says something amazing, you hear a loud shout out, “AMEEEEEEN!”? [I can see the little old lady now knocking her wig off while saying, “Amen Pastor, AMEN”].

C’mon, my tribe even says it before our meals… you know they are not always thinking of what they are saying when they shout aloud in their high pitched voices, “Amen Mommy… Amen Papi, AMEN”.  Honestly, they just want to hurry up and eat.  (Just thinking of them I laugh).

WHY AMEN? It basically means, “so be it”, “let it be”, “approval of ___”.

So the next time you are crying out a prayer, even if in your heart, understand that your AMEN is approving that thought.  Your AMEN is putting life into that prayer.  Make it count now that you know what AMEN truly means.  Your officially putting your stamp of approval on that prayer – Go for it! Push forward in faith knowing and believing it shall come to pass.

Here is a verse that I think will help you out the next time you pray…

Matthew 21:22  (NKJV)

“And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”

… And the people of God say, AMEN!