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My Tribe

Welcome to a glimpse of who I am.  Those who know me, quickly catch on to the phrase, My Tribe.

My babies are mommy’s small tribe and I love calling them so.  I find them to be amazing… Yup! Stalker MOM!!!! For new moms, they catch themselves staring at this new creature all the time.  [You know you have… It’s ok, it’s totally normal.]  Well, I find myself still doing that with ALL of them ALL the time; My eldest is 7 already.   They are the link of who my hubbs and I are.  They are amazing, quirky, hilarious and just adorable.

Look deeply into the photos and you will see the following:

  • My Doxy’s leg pant was up, I’m sure she was still running around to get dressed but decided to have fun instead. (She’s my Adventurous One!)
  • My eldest, Yadahris, loves being primp and prissy all adorning her favorite slippers in comfort.  She can care less that her front teeth are missing and will NEVER miss a photo opp when given one.  (Hysterical!)
  • My brave handsome boy, Nabiel.  He is just a Man living in a girl’s world in my house.  Yet, he holds his own and teaches my girls how to NOT be bullied.  (High voltage metabolism with a caramel sweet edge – I’m his fan!)
  • And below my precious baby girl, Marvellis.  She is the newest of our tribe and the quickest in catching up… all while gracefully showing her two teeth smile to captivate anyone’s heart.  (Constantly entertained by her surroundings, easiest child ever!)

All the above show you how each one is individually and how their role in this family we [ok “I”] call Tribe, is just as important as the others.  Individuals is who they are, but together we make a family that can only be expressed by love towards one another and showing each other that different is good, being your self is great, but keeping close is the best!